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Airbnb Injuries and Your Guide to Fair Compensation

Say you’re going on vacation. Your bags are packed, documents are ready, and you’ve already picked out an Airbnb listing for your stay because you prefer convenience.

Fast forward to your stay at your Airbnb, you experience an unfortunate slip and fall. Your health insurance isn’t covering it, so now you have to pay for the whole recovery process by yourself. Years later, you only learn that you could have gotten fair compensation for the sustained bodily injury if you had known to speak to a lawyer.

How does this whole scene sound? Unlucky if you ask us. This is why we brought this guide to you so you can claim maximum compensation for serious injuries during your stay with the Injury Ally Law Firm. Keep reading to learn more!

Are Airbnb Injuries Common?

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Yes, especially recently, Los Angeles alone is racking up quite the numbers.

Airbnb doesn’t have properties of its own. Everything available on their website or app is other people putting their properties up for rent. Since there is no minimum safety standard or checkup involved, some of the property owners get away with having unfixed defects or hazards which can be dangerous and even life-threatening.

What Qualifies As Airbnb Injuries?

Pretty much everything. If you’re injured during your stay at Airbnb properties and can prove that it was because of the negligence of the Airbnb host, it will qualify as an Airbnb accident.

Some common Airbnb injuries include slip and falls, swimming accidents, animal attacks, injury because of the building’s collapse or structural collapse, spinal cord injuries, and fires. These are all covered by Airbnb’s host protection insurance. What is that? We’ll explain in a bit.

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Can I make an Airbnb injury claim against the hosts if I'm hurt during a stay?

You most definitely can. But if you’re thinking of doing everything by yourself, don’t get your hopes too high because Airbnb injury claims are more complicated than regular claims.

Airbnb is a completely online chain like Uber. It had no policy to cover any damage or liability claims when it first started. Later it laid out host protection insurance to cover property damage of up to one million USD.

Airbnb injury claim is usually covered under the premises liability law. If the property owner or Airbnb host fails to ensure that care by not solving potential hazards or defects that can cause serious injury, the liability of the incident lies with them.

This may sound easy to prove, but it rarely is because Airbnb is tangled up in all kinds of protective laws to slip through any possible legal difficulties, and that is why we recommend consulting a personal injury lawyer before making any moves.

What is premises liability law?

Many states, including Los Angeles, have this law in practice. This imposes that the visitors of an Airbnb property are invitees, and the property owner must ensure the highest level of care for the visitors. This includes finding and fixing any damage, hazard, or defect that could potentially be life-threatening for the guest.

If the property owner fails to ensure the safety of the visitors, they carry the legal liability of any Airbnb accidents that may happen.

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What is Airbnb host protection insurance?

Airbnb host protection insurance is an insurance policy Airbnb has laid out to protect property owners/Airbnb hosts and Airbnb guests.

A regular homeowner would get homeowner’s insurance to cover any damage to their property. Still, regular insurances don’t always apply to them since Airbnb property owners put their property up for rent. This is where the Airbnb host protection insurance comes in.

The insurance offers up to one million dollars to cover property damage or injury claims. Anyone signing up to rent their property through Airbnb automatically qualifies for this insurance policy.

The insurance covers only the building and nothing like accessories (think furniture) in terms of property damage. As for injuries, it covers everything except intentional harm like sexual assault, battery, pollution of any kind, car accidents, and thievery.

What should I do if I sustain an injury during my stay at Los Angeles Airbnb?

Your first step of action as an Airbnb guest should be to seek medical attention. An immediate medical response will help you in proving the time of the incident beyond a doubt.

After medical care, If you decide to file a claim for financial compensation, you’ll have to collect proof of the incident. Take lots of photos from multiple angles. Include your injuries, the scene or place of it happening, and, if possible, the defect that caused it.

If you have any eyewitnesses, collect their contact info. Then contact an Air BnB injury lawyer and do not say anything on the record to the Airbnb host or anyone until your injury lawyer arrives. Your lawyer will take over everything for you.

Can a property owner sue a guest?

If they have the necessary proof, yes. The insurance policy is the biggest advantage for a property owner in cases like these.

Should I consult an Air BnB injury lawyer for my case?

Our tip? Please do. Getting an injury attorney involved will make things far easier and more organized for you. You can, of course, make the initial claim by yourself, but the chances of you getting the compensation you deserve will be pretty low. The guilty party may not acknowledge the claim properly or try to get away with the bare minimum of compensation.

If Airbnb refuses to acknowledge your claim, your best bet will be to get your justice from the experienced professionals in the ring.

Why do I need a personal injury lawyer for this?

Because as professionals, they will know what they’re doing and ensure the best possible offer you can get.

For their claims to stand in court, injured victims have to prove that the property owner owned the property, the owner had known about the potential hazard, and the injury could have been prevented if a warning had been given beforehand, among many other things. Some of these claims might even require investigations which is frankly impossible to conduct alone.

While you will be tangled in all these, Airbnb will have to do only one thing, which is to deny your claim, and they will have the upper hand because their experienced team full of lawyers are practically trained to do this.

An experienced personal injury attorney knows how to deal with opponents while standing their ground. They’ll know what approach to take and what investigations to launch. Besides, the attorney-client relationship will ensure transparency and confidentiality of top-notch quality.

An attorney’s experience of dealing with Airbnb accidents can also help you with things you may not have noticed yourself, but most of all, they’ll know exactly where to set the line of compensation to get the best for you.

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Where can I find an injury lawyer?

Internet is your best friend in this case. If you have a specific law firm in mind, you can search and see if they offer this service.

If you’re in LA, just search up for an injury lawyer Los Angeles office, and you’ll have a whole list of people you can contact. Some law firms offer a free consultation for the first session so if you are looking for a similar deal, go grab your free consultation.

Bottom Line

Dealing with Airbnb injuries can be hard without professional help considering we rarely know enough about legal processes. So if you’re looking to file a compensation claim, hire a professional and make sure they maintain confidentiality and transparency. If you need us to cover more of this, contact us!

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