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Dog bite? Slip and Fall? Find out what classification yours falls into and why it matters.

Understanding what classification your premises is will help you understand the value of your injury. There are many types of premises injuries. While a dog bite is one type, it can fall into one of three classifications.

Premises Injury


Premises injuries are based on negligence.  Duty of Care is impacted by classifications. 

Not all dog bites or slips and falls are the same. Where did you slip and fall? Work? Public sidewalk? A neighbors driveway? 

Learn your premises injury classification to best understand the value of the injury you experienced, then review the list of injuries our Injury Ally legal team can help you with.



An injury which occurs on a premises without the owners consent is a trespasser injury.



When you are on the property for your own purpose (i.e. friend or shopper) with express permission or implied consent.



When you are on a property with express permission or implied consent, this falls into the licensee classification.

Injured while looting store
Can you sue a store you were injured in while looting it?


Entering a neighbors yard and being bit by their dog to retrieve your ball is classified as a trespasser injury. They may still be liable but this classification impacts your case.

Another example is being injured in a store while looting it after hours.  You could have a case of liability if you fell into broken glass.

Not being invited onto a business property, then being injured is still cause to sue.  The classification changes the award, and it’s a classic case of needing expert help from a lawyer.

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Has your landlord’s neglect caused you injury? Then your case falls under the classification of Invitee.

An Invitee is someone who is on the premises with business purpose. Apartment residents, hotel guests, shoppers in a retail store are all invitees.

When you are on the property of a business doesn’t classify your case as an invitee unless you are doing business. Shopping during business hours makes you an invitee. Tripping and injuring yourself on broken glass inside a store during a riot would not make you an invitee.  See California Civil Code 1427(a) for clarification.

Premises injuries don't just come in dog bites or slip and fall cases
Injury Ally represents a case similar to this roof collapse where construction work lead to partially collapsed roof on tennants.
Premises Personal Injury Lawyers
No one wants to sue a neighbor over slipping on their sidewalk


Someone with express or implied permission to enter a property is an Invitee. Examples are of course family relatives to friends and neighbors. 

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