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Injury Ally is the Saidian and Saidian law firm. We offer personal injury legal services for parking lot fender benders to hit & run and everything in between. We can assist you throughout the state of California. 

Don’t leave your future to chance. Don’t risk making the wrong move. Let us help you the moment an accident occurs. 

Transportation Accident



Auto Accidents

Auto accidents come in all forms. Injury Ally provide a full rundown of 10 types.


Aviation Accidents

Let us guide you through the myriad of Juris diction red tape of air accidents.


Boating Accidents

Cruise ships to small boating vessel incursions require our expert navigation.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are a unique form of travel with their own liability concerns.


Pedestrian Accidents

Here are some examples of how we can help you when your injured while on foot.

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The Injury Hiding In Every Transportation Accident

No matter what form of transportation your accident stems from if you are experiencing headaches after your injury, call Injury Ally immediately.  Our team will do two things differently than other firms. First, we’ll put you on track with the form of health care that will do the most for you AND your case.

If you think seeing a chiropractor after an accident or headaches is your best plan of action, think again. For the answers, call Injury Ally now at 840-888-HURT

Even fender benders lead to unforseen injuries.

Are you experiencing headaches after an auto accident? Seeing a chiropractor? STOP! Call us right now. We’ll help get you true relief AND change your case for the better immediately. Don’t fall into the same pattern as others after accidents. Injury Ally is better for a reason. Call now!

In certain instances you can sue over an airbag injury. You'll need the Injury Ally law firm as your airbag injury attorney.

Airbags that fail to deploy during an auto accident are an actionable offense. 

Let the Injury Ally law firm get your case started. We understand and exhibit the compassion needed which motivates our passion to achieve the best results in your lawsuit against the airline or entity responsible for the tragedy in your family. 

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Airplane Crash Lawyers
Aviation Accident Crash Scene
Personal injury attorneys for boating accidents
We assist with small boating injuries to cruise ship injuries

Small ponds and lakes can lead to bad boating injuries. However, we also help with cruise ship incidents from sickness and passenger abuse.

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Motorcyclists to moped drivers and bicyclists are often portrayed as negligent or careless in lawsuits. Injury Ally’s attorneys combat this misrepresentation with keen logic and relatable subject matter when representating your case to a judge or jury.

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Accidents occur on two wheels and you need legal help
Even fender benders lead to unforseen injuries.
Pedestrian Accident Personal Injury Help
Pedestrian injuries can occur on the sidewalk or road

Pedestrian injuries are common and often go unattended too long. Contact us for expert legal help.

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