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The biggest mistake people make after an accident is not calling an attorney immediately. Of course seek medical attention, yet many think that once they leave the hospital, they’ve got enough advice to get healthy without second opinions. 

Injury Ally will help you determine if your current plan in returning to full health is assisting your legal case in proving out your fair compensation. For instance, are you seeing a chiropractor for a headache after a car accident? If so, call us immediately at 212.222.8564.



Airbag injuries are caused by faulty deployment, but did you know that airbags that fail to deploy are cause for injury?



Collisions due to an ambulance's neglect often settle with millions of dollars in awarded damages to the plaintiff. 


Big Rig

Have you been hit by a commercial vehicle or big rig? Need a truck lawyer,? We have specific expertise in this area.

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According to California Civil Code Section 2100 , buses must use the utmost care. We care when they don't.


DUI Driver

If you've been injured by a drunk driver, California Law allows you (plaintiff) to pursue a civil suit and sue for damages.

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Highway accidents can mean a great deal more in damages than the typical fender bender.


Hit & Run

How do you sue a hit and run driver? Use the Injury Ally Law Firm. Make them pay beyond criminal charges.



We'll help get your filing right, figuring out who the responsible party is and name them in your suit.

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Rear End

Rear end auto accidents are riddled with hidden pitfalls. This is one case you especially need our help.



When to sue and when not to sue an uninsured motorist is tricky. We help you decide then handle your case.

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Airbag Injury Legal Assistance
Small fender benders can lead to bad injuries


Airbag injuries are always caused by airbags that do deploy in a faulty manner. Did you know that airbags that fail to deploy are cause for injury?

In certain instances you can sue over an airbag injury. You'll need the Injury Ally law firm as your airbag injury attorney.

Airbags that fail to deploy during an auto accident are an actionable offense. 


When you’re in a collision due to an ambulance’s neglect, the damages often settle with millions of dollars in awarded damages to the plaintiff.  In California, Ambulances are subject to Health and Safety Code Section 17999.100

Yes, if the circumstances are clear.

Ambulance Accidents can cause injury even if you are not hit by one
Ambulance crashes require exceptional legal counsel
Big Rig Truck Accident Scene
Tractor trailer accidents are particularly dangerous


Heavy trucks, 18 wheelers, semi-trucks, and tractor-trailers cause accidents requiring expertise in a legal settlement.

These types of accidents are often due to inexperienced truck drivers’ negligence related to bad road conditions, disobeying transportation laws, poor truck maintenance, to driving fatigue.


Despite California law, buses can be a very dangerous form of common carrier transportation.

According to California Civil Code Section 2100:

A carrier of persons for reward must use the utmost care and diligence for their safe carriage, must provide everything necessary for that purpose, and must exercise to that end a reasonable degree of skill.

Count on us to aggressively protect you and serve you if you’ve been injured in a bus accident.

Interior Bus Aisle
Buses owe you safety
Drunk Driver Civil Suit Lawyer
We can help you sue a drunk driver


Accidents by drunk drivers are the worst. Criminal justice may not be enough. Injury Ally’s legal team will help you sue a drunk driver for damages.


Caught in a multi-car highway accident?

Highway accident injury attorneys in Los Angeles California
Multi-car accidents are complicated
Get the best justice against a hit and run driver
Make hit and run drivers in California pay


Make a hit and run driver pay civil damages.


Careless, distracted driving. Speeding and drunk driving negligence by a limo or rideshare driver that leads to personal injury require more than expert witnesses and dashcam footage. You need to know who to sue and much more. 

Rideshare and limo lawyers
Suing rideshares is complicated
Rear end accident
Huge dangers lurk in rear end collisions


A rear-end fender bender can be the cause of major injury resulting in 100,000 compensation for example. If you’ve been rear-ended, call us right away for specific assistance in launching your case.


Is it worth suing an uninsured driver? We provide you the answers to this matter.

Injury Ally Law Firm handles this complex civil suit
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