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Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Have trouble filing your car accident claims? Then hire us. Our car accident lawyer has the expertise needed to guide and consult you through the process.

Major & Minor Car Accidents Due To Another Driver's Negligence

Car accidents are very common in the state of California. You can’t tell when you or your loved ones may fall in a car accident. Injuries from car accidents can be fatal. Moreover, getting fair compensation from the at-fault party or the insurance company can be a tiresome fight.

But it is not something you can just let go of. Car accidents can be fatal and catastrophic. They can cause life-altering injuries to the victims. So it is fair to say that you must do everything to get maximum compensation from the opposition parties and insurance companies.

The Injury Ally Law Firm can help you with that. We have auto accident lawyers who are well-versed in the California law of car accidents and help you with your case.

Should I Hire An Attorney After A Car Accident?

You should always hire a car accident attorney after a car crash. It does not matter whether you are in California or another state. If you have concerns about the insurance, compensation, and other paperwork related to the car crash, hire a car accident lawyer right away.

A lot of crash victims make the mistake of accepting what the opposition party and the insurance company offer at first. But be careful. Not everyone is noble enough to make up for their mistakes fairly. They may offer something less than the actual compensation value. The compensation they offer at first may not be enough to cover medical costs.

Not only medical expenses, but you will also need to think of lost wages, and property damage. This all can be satisfied with maximum financial compensation for the car accident. So let us help you.

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Reasons For Hiring Attorneys After Car Accidents

There are plenty of reasons why you should hire attorneys after car accidents. Here are some notable reasons.

Man takes notes for an insurance settlement with a car accident.


There are many Los Angeles car accident cases where the victim could not identify the wrongdoer. sometimes this leads to the victim being not able to claim any compensation in such scenarios. But if you hire an attorney, he/she can investigate the accident scene with the police and identify the wrongdoer.

Then you can take it to the court and ask for personal injury claims. Our car accident attorneys are not only well-versed in the law, but they are capable investigators. They will see things to the end to make sure you get a satisfactory conclusion to your case.

Reckless drivers and drunk drivers of motor vehicles are the primary cause of bicycle crashes. Bicyclists experience severe injury and even deaths due to the reckless driving of others, and they deserve financial compensation. Having a lawyer can help you get a personal injury claim in cases like these.

Free Consultation

Car accident victims are not always well-aware of what they should do. Should they go to the police first? What kind of documents will they need from the doctor about their personal injury?

When someone just survived an accident, they cannot think clearly for the moment. The trauma and rush of the accident cloud their judgment. Even if they know all about the necessary legal procedures, they may miss one or two-step due to this feeling.

We help our injured clients in those challenging times. We guide them throughout the whole process of document collection and filing a claim for their personal injury. We do that with free consultation for our clients.

Determining Claims

The reason why victims file for claims is to get a satisfactory amount of recovery from the accident. But you must remember that the opposition party is not your friend. The insurance company is not your friend either.

They will do whatever they can to mitigate the matter with the lowest financial compensation possible. But you should be aiming for high financial compensation. You will need to think of your medical treatment, medical costs, lost wages, and also attorney fees.

If you accumulate all the costs of these necessities, then you will get a baseline of how much you should ask for compensation.

But it is a complicated process. Our accident lawyer in Los Angeles can help you with that. So rest in the hospital while we figure out everything for you. Rest assured that you will get satisfactory compensation.

Handling Negotiations

When a case of auto accident arises, and there is a question of compensation, the at-fault driver and his/her lawyers will try to negotiate and offer you something of their own.

At first glance, that may sound generous, but in reality, they are trying to get away from the case with a low price.

But our Los Angeles car accident lawyers are not for sale. We value our attorney-client relationship more than anything. That is why we always make negotiations in favor of our clients.

Moreover, negotiations require more bargaining power which our car accident attorneys possess. So you don’t have to worry about taking on the burden of negotiation. Our lawyers will negotiate on behalf of you.

Representing In The Court

If you are filing a personal injury claim in court, you will need someone reliable to represent you. Because your opposition party won’t let go easily.

Who else is a better option than auto accident attorneys?

The attorneys/ lawyers are highly specialized in court laws and facilities. They can take care of everything on your behalf and represent you in court.

So even if you are unable to come to the court, our attorneys will cover for you and represent you in the court.

Woman standing in court talking to the judge.

Provide All Manner Of Law Support

Los Angeles car accident laws have many aspects that you may not be able to grasp by yourself. But our auto accident lawyer and law firm are experts in car accident laws.

We can provide all kinds of auto accidents, and catastrophic injuries law support for our clients.

What documents and notes will you need from your doctor? How will you prove your injuries to be catastrophic in the court? How will you justify your financial and recover compensation for ongoing medical care? We will guide and cover you in all the steps.

If needed, we will handle everything on your behalf.

So these are some of the notable reasons why you should hire a car accident lawyer. So be sure to hire one after sustaining personal injuries from a car accident due to someone else’s negligence.

California Car Accident Law

The California car accident laws are complicated. As an accident victim, you must understand the ins and outs of the car accident laws of California. Only then will you be able to successfully claim your compensation.

Small mistakes in your compensation claim procedure can have big impacts. Your compensation may get cut short, or you may lose the whole case and get no compensation.

You will need to ensure that there is no mistake in your claim filing. You must have full law coverage of the California car accident laws. To do that, call a Los Angeles car accident lawyer who is an expert in car accident cases.

Here are some important rules of the California car accident laws.

Scale of justice in front of law books.

Statute Of Limitations

An important thing to consider is the statute of limitations in California car accident law. In other words, the deadline for you to file a claim. This deadline differs in different states. But for the state of California, you have a two-year deadline for injury claims. If it is a property damage claim (only), then you will get a three-year deadline.

You may think that you have enough time to sit back and deal with these claims. But it is best to deal with your claims as early as the day the accident happened.

Types of Damages Car Accident Victims May Recover

Here are the types of damages that you may recover from a car accident.

Property Damage

The victim’s car is inevitably damaged if the victim was in a car. There is no real property damage if the victim is a bystander.

In case of the victim’s car damage, the victim can claim compensation by filing it under property damage. For claiming property damages, the victim has three years.

If you repaired the car before filing the claim in court, you can include the repair and servicing cost in the claim. But you must have the receipts and proof for including these costs in the claim.

Property Damage

The victim’s car is inevitably damaged if the victim was in a car. There is no real property damage if the victim is a bystander.

In case of the victim’s car damage, the victim can claim compensation by filing it under property damage. For claiming property damages, the victim has three years.

If you repaired the car before filing the claim in court, you can include the repair and servicing cost in the claim. But you must have the receipts and proof for including these costs in the claim.

Medical Expenses

If the victim is injured in the accident, then he/she can file for medical recovery and bill compensations. You may include hospitalization, diagnosis, and treatment costs for catastrophic and common car accident injuries in the claim. The cost receipts and reports are necessary.

Medical documents are a prerequisite for filing medical claims. If you want to claim catastrophic damage, then the best way to do that is to get a note from the doctor.

Otherwise, you will have a hard time proving your condition to be catastrophic.

Medical claims fall under the personal injury category. For these types of claims, you have a two-year deadline.

Lost Wages

If you are hospitalized because of a car crash, you can claim lost wages. When you are hospitalized, you are unable to go to work. That also means you are losing wages and career development opportunities.

In this case, you can file a claim under loss of wages. But you will need to present pay stubs and proof of promotion loss. Moreover, a work excuse from your doctor is also required.

For this claim, the victim has a three years deadline.

Wrongful Death

If the victim or the victim’s companion dies in the car crash, a claim for wrongful death can be filed. This claim will include the funeral, burial, medical treatment, compensation, and other relevant costs.

The statute of limitations for wrongful death in California is two years.

How Much Should I Settle for After A Los Angeles Car Accident?

The average Los Angeles car accident case settlements range anywhere from $14,000 to over $100,000 depending on the case. A small car accident is known as a fender bender and typically settles for $1,000 to $2,000. If you have been injured in a car accident your claim is worth more, our car accident lawyers will fight to get you maximum compensation for your car accident case.

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How Car Accident Claims Work

The mechanism of a car accident claim is quite simple if you summarize it into small steps.


If you think you will want to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party or their insurance company, you will have to document everything to help the police and attorneys understand what happened. Without this, they will not be able to back you up on your claims and help you gain insurance or compensation for your personal injury.


Your attorney can help you with the consultation of claim, compensation, and more. Use it to determine how much you should ask for compensation and more.

Two men investigating the trunk of a car that has been in an accident.

Insurance Policies

Now you can ask for compensation from the opposition’s insurance provider. But in case the insurance does not cover your cost, you will have to seek your insurance provider to make up for the rest of the cost.

Pre-Lawsuit Settlement

If the pre-lawsuit settlement offer is deemed satisfactory by you and your attorney, then the claim case is mitigated.

But if you/ your attorney think it is less, we will not hesitate to file the claim in court and go to trial for your interests.

Filing The Claim

Seek the help of your attorney to file the claim. Make sure that you do this before your claim deadline. Also, make sure there is no mistake and lack of proof in your claim.

Go To Court

Now leave the rest to your Injury Ally attorney/ lawyer in the court.

So that is basically how car accident claims work.

The Injury Ally team in a conference room smiling at the camera.

Personal Injury Attorneys

Hire Our Experienced Car Accident Attorneys

Hire us for filing your car crash claims and get the maximum compensation for your recovery. We help our injured clients with all of our capabilities. We also support them with a free consultation.

So give us a call if you and let’s get started today!.

How Can A Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney Help?

Our law firm in Los Angeles offers capable car accident attorneys. With our help, you don’t have to worry about anything. We can help you with investments, financial recovery, negotiations, and necessary guidance.

So no matter what type of car accident you have faced, give us a call. We will make sure you get your car accident claim.

Our car accident attorneys can help you with the following.

  • Hit and Run crash
  • Automobile accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Car wreck
  • Front and Rear-end collisions
  • Distracted driver/ driver fatigue accidents
  • Drunk driver accidents
  • Negligence accidents

Our services are not limited to these cases. We can handle all kinds of car accidents. Our car accident lawyers can help you with counseling and medical assistance too. We will make sure that you get all the medical attention and facility you need to make a full recovery. While you are in recovery, we will fight in court to get your maximum car accident claims.

The Los Angeles Car Accident Law Firm Ready To Handle Your Case

Specializing in personal injury cases we are the team of trial lawyers that you can trust to handle your case. We will go after the negligent party and the insurance company to ensure you receive reimbursement for your lost wages, physical therapy, medical costs, pain and suffering, due to someone else’s negligence. We know California law from top to bottom and are ready to go to trial for you!

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