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Premises Liability

Premises liability holds a property owner responsible for any damages caused by unsafe or defective conditions on their property. Owners are required to make a reasonable effort to maintain a safe environment. If the owner fails to keep the property safe, it can result in "premises liability."

To win a premises injury case, the injured person must prove that the property owner was negligent in the upkeep of the property. Our firm can help prove that negligence and get you the best compensation.

Premises Liability Examples:


When a dog bite injury takes place, the owner of the pet is responsible for the damages caused by their animal. Liability is particularly relevant when a dog is known to be aggressive due to a lack of training or an inadequate fence or leash.


One of the most common premises injury types is slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere due to dangerous conditions. These conditions include wet or loose flooring, insufficient lighting, ice, or misplaced wires and equipment.

In slip and fall cases, the victim will need to prove to the insurance company, the judge, and the jury that their injuries resulted from someone's negligence. Every slip and fall accident has different characteristics, which is why it is prudent to consider your legal options.


When you work for or visit a company, that company is responsible for providing safe premises. When someone is injured in a break-in, robbery, or any other incident where security should have been preset, the business becomes accountable.

If the business was negligent in providing appropriate security, the company may be liable for the resulting injuries.

Find out what classification yours falls into and why it matters. Understanding what classification your premises injury is will help you understand the value of your injury. Consult with the expert staff at Injury Ally to help navigate you to the right settlement. You may be entitled to compensation that will help with your rehabilitation, medical expenses, and any income gaps caused by the incident.

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