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Catastrophic Injury Lawyers Los Angeles

Looking for the best catastrophic injury lawyers to help you with your claims? Then call us now. We provide legal coverage and expertise in all areas.

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No one wants to suffer from injuries. But sometimes the unexpected happens and we suffer from various injuries. There isn’t much to worry about if the damage is not permanent. However, permanent injuries, aka catastrophic injuries, are unprecedented. They leave the victims with permanent damage.

Such injuries caused by things like auto accidents, trucking accidents, workplace accidents, or from the negligence of others cannot be taken light-heartedly. The victims suffer for the rest of their lives. Catastrophic injury victims can claim financial compensation for their injury cases.

If you want to claim your catastrophic injury compensation, then hire an experienced catastrophic injury attorney from the Injury Ally Law Firm.

What Is The Benefit Of A Catastrophic Injury Attorney?

Why hire an experienced personal injury attorney for your claims? What benefits can you enjoy by hiring trial attorneys for catastrophic injury claims?

It is not mandatory to hire injury attorneys for collecting your catastrophic injury claim. But when you claim compensation for the incident, the opposite/offended party won’t simply give you the money. They will fight back in their own way.

You may have to fight with the insurance company the opposition party. They will bargain over your catastrophic injury claim and reduce the compensation amount. Moreover, they can make your claims into complex legal matters.

If you want to get your personal injury claims without making things complicated, it will be wise to hire injury attorneys and law firms like us. We can deal with all kinds of court and legal matters. We can also aid you with free case evaluation, free consultation, and other necessary aids.

Benefits Of Hiring Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

Here are some brief benefits of hiring catastrophic injury attorneys.

Quick Negotiation In Your Favor

Injury attorneys are very good at negotiating. They can quickly negotiate with all opposing parties, and with the court. This will save you from all the troubles and stress.

After a catastrophic accident, you should be recovering. You should not go under the stress of negotiation. Having personal injury attorneys on your side will allow you to rest easy.

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Fair Compensation For Personal Injuries

There is no fixed amount of compensation for injuries. Each accident is unique. The compensation depends on the victim’s condition and other factors.

Because of such uniqueness, personal injury cases have their unique compensation price. It will be difficult for you to come up with a fair compensation price by yourself. You may ask for less than what you deserve.

So having personal injury lawyers will save you from the trouble and you can get maximum compensation from your personal injury claim.

Provide Legal Coverage

Claiming compensation from the negligent party is not that easy. You will have to prove your claim and face the opposition party in court. The opposition party will bring their lawyers to win the case. You not having a lawyer/ catastrophic injury attorney will make things very difficult for you.

Having catastrophic injury attorneys at the court will ensure that you have legal coverage for yourself.

What Are Common Catastrophic Injury Cases?

You may have sustained injuries in your life. But were they catastrophic? What injury falls under a catastrophic injury case? What are catastrophic injuries? Let’s discuss that.

What Are Catastrophic Injuries?

Any serious injuries that have a permanent effect on the victim can be called catastrophic injuries. It could cause severe injuries to the body. Or it could be traumatic brain injuries. As long as the effects are permanent, and restrain the victim from his/her normal life.

However, some temporary injuries can be marked as catastrophic. Such injuries may take months, or years to heal.

The concept of catastrophic injuries is not simple. That is because it is subjective and unique to each victim. Take car accidents for example. Not all of them are the same. One car accident victim may call it a catastrophic injury, while another victim may take relatively less damage and don’t ask for claims. One victim may call emotional distress catastrophic, while others won’t pay any heed to it.

A clear indication of catastrophic injuries caused by another’s negligence is the doctor’s note. If the doctor says that the sustained injuries are catastrophic, then the victim can claim compensation easily.

If the doctor does not deem it catastrophic, then you will have to fight many opposition claims of injury exaggeration.

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Examples Of Catastrophic Injuries

Here are some notable catastrophic injuries.

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Severe burns
  • Disfigurement
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Permanent paralysis/ Permanent disability
  • Broken bones
  • Internal organ failure
  • Loss of sight or hearing

The list is not limited to these examples. Every catastrophically injured victim has unique cases. If the doctor deems their injuries to be catastrophic, then there is no denying of that and the opposition is bound to pay compensation.

The injured person still has the chance to prove his/her injuries to be fatal without the doctor’s note.

What Is The Difference Between Catastrophic Injuries And Other Types Of Injuries?

The difference between catastrophic and other types of injuries (Non-catastrophic, personal) injuries is simple.

If the injury is fatal and there is no chance of full recovery (eg: spinal cord injuries), then the injury is catastrophic. Such injuries drastically reduce the quality of life of the accident victims. If you want to claim compensation for that, you must file a personal injury lawsuit, prove that the injury is caused by someone else’s negligence, and also prove that the injury is catastrophic(with a doctor’s note or by any valid way).

On the other hand, if there is hope for full recovery, then the injury is not catastrophic. Financial damage, lost wages, construction accidents, etc can also fall under non-catastrophic injuries. You may file a case for punitive damages for financial recovery in these accidents.

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What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Catastrophic Injuries Like Spinal Cord Injuries?

The long-term effects of catastrophic injuries directly affect the quality of life of the victims. The victim will have to spend much on medical care and keep on with the disability. The medical expenses will surely put a burden on the victim.

It is possible to make the situation somewhat better with physical therapy, but the long-term effects cannot be changed. They will still have to endure the physical pain and fight through it every day. There is no hope of full recovery from it.

Spinal cord injuries can cause physical pain and loss of motor and sensory functions. It can also result in infection and other physical problems. Not only the victim, but the victim’s family members will suffer for it.

A Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Ready To Fight For You

If you want fair compensation from the negligent party, then hire us. We provide California catastrophic injury lawyers to help the victims in any way possible.

Our Los Angeles catastrophic injury attorney and legal team are always available and others are ready to take on any catastrophic cases. Construction accidents. truck accidents (auto accidents), third-degree burns, spinal cord accidents, our consumer attorneys can take them all.

With their combined legal experience, you don’t have to worry about a thing. So hire us for any catastrophe claims.

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Catastrophic Injury Experts

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Specializing in personal injury cases we are the team of trial lawyers that you can trust to handle your case. We will go after the negligent party and the insurance company to ensure you receive reimbursement for your lost wages, physical therapy, medical costs, pain and suffering, due to someone else’s negligence. We know California law from top to bottom and are ready to go to trial for you!

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