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Mass Tort Lawyer Los Angeles

If you or people around you have been harmed by a defective product, dangerous drug, or industrial waste then Mass Tort Lawsuits are your means of achieving compensation for the harm caused.

At Injury Ally Law Firm, Los Angeles, our Mass Tort Attorneys know how to fight the big corporations and make them pay for the harm caused to you.

A tort is a wrongful act that causes harm to another person. A mass tort is there a wrongful act committed by a large corporation that harms a large number of people. Those who are injured or affected may sue the wrongdoer to get compensation for their specific losses.

In mass tort litigation, multiple plaintiffs bring civil claims against a defendant. They’re all claiming monetary damages from a product or service they’ve utilized.

Injuries caused by prescription medications, medical equipment, and defective product are just a few examples.

A mass tort claim alleges that the plaintiff suffered a loss, whether physical, financial, or emotional. Although the victims were and are affected in various ways and to varying extents, in mass torts, a single product or service is usually blamed for these negative effects.

For this very reason, to compensate you for the harm and hurt caused by the doings of the others, you will be needing one of the best lawyers to fight your mass tort cases to the fullest.

Why Choose Our Mass Tort Lawyers?

At Injury Ally Law Firm, our mass tort attorneys work tirelessly to present a strong case for our clients which means our attorneys present the best possible case for you.

At the Injury Ally Law Firm our lawyers will:

  • Examine your medical records to see if the harmful product can be linked to your injury.
  • Analyze the documents provided by the defendant.
  • Hire prominent medical professionals to give expert testimony in your defense.
  • Prepare the documents you’ll need to file your claim.
  • Attending the court hearings to sort out the pretrial court objections.
  • 24/7 access to our legal team throughout your mass tort litigation.

Not only the above, but you will also of course have the backing of one of the best personal injury law firms in the country to get you the justice and the compensation that you deserve for your mass tort litigation.

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Do You Need A Mass Tort Attorney?

If you have been hurt as a result of corporate negligence, a specific product, pharmaceutical or a defective drug, or medical device, you might need the help of a mass tort attorney.

Our team of seasoned Mass Tort Lawyers at Injury Ally Law Firm, Los Angeles, can assist you in pursuing compensation if you have been harmed through someone else’s negligence and get you the justice that you deserve in your best interests.

Mass tort litigation usually involves multiple mass tort plaintiffs against one strong defendant can be very daunting and it is necessary for you to get a mass tort lawyer who can sort it all out.

Contact us  now to get a free consultation for your personal injury with one of our lawyers.

Most Common Type Of Mass Tort Claims

A mass tort lawsuit is one in which many people, usually individuals who have suffered similar injuries, take legal action against the same entity. Mass torts, as opposed to class actions, allow each claimant to seek compensation for their own losses. Many acts of negligence can lead to the creation of mass tort litigation. The following are the most common types of mass tort claims:

Dangerous Products Mass Tort Claim

Defective and hazardous products are among the most frequent subjects of mass tort claims. Manufacturers must ensure that their products are safe, provide adequate information to customers, and alert them immediately if there is a problem. If they do not fulfill these responsibilities on a large scale, these injured consumers can hold these businesses responsible.

Defective Drugs and Medical Devices Mass Tort Lawsuits

Within the product liability category, dangerous and defective pharmaceuticals and medical devices are a major cause of mass tort claims. Drugs might have unforeseen harmful side effects that the manufacturer did not disclose to customers or doctors, and medical equipment may contain flaws that adversely affect its function and inflict damage on the patient. These products’ producers are typically responsible for their faults.


Explosions, floods, industrial accidents, and other man-caused catastrophes can injure dozens or even hundreds of people. Each victim may have distinct injuries; nevertheless, the same reason is usually to blame. In these situations, individuals injured can file mass tort litigation for individual needs without having to submit separate claims.

Natural Disasters Mass Tort Litigation

This sort of mass tort claim is comparable to large-scale disasters in that it involves natural catastrophes such as hurricanes or tornadoes that result in significant damage and injuries. Because no single person or entity is solely accountable for the calamity, these claims might be difficult to address. Insurance firms, on the other hand, that fail to payout can be held responsible and liable.

What is the Difference Between a Mass Tort and a Class Action Lawsuit?

There are some key similarities between a Mass Tort and a Class action lawsuit but there are differences that differentiate the two. For example, Both typically include a large number of injured plaintiffs bringing claims against a small number of defendants. However, they are not the same: mass torts and class action lawsuits are two distinct types of legal actions.

A class-action lawsuit is a single legal claim made on behalf of many people who have similar claims. To be certified as a ‘class,’ these individuals must possess common traits. In a class-action lawsuit, like in any other legal proceeding, plaintiffs with similar injuries and who suffer them, in the same manner, will be included.

While there are many distinct individual claims in mass torts, they aren’t always directly linked. In fact, mass-tort claims can include a wide range of injuries. For example, if a negligent company owner started a fire that burned down several neighboring properties, it may be sued in mass tort litigation for wrongful death compensation, personal injury damages, property damage compensation, and lost business profits. Because of technical reasons, these groups cannot and will not be combined as a single class.

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Getting Fair Compensation in a Mass Torts Claim

If you want competent Mass Tort Lawyers to fight for your case with the best attorney-client relationship then Injury Ally Law Firm is the one for you. We have a history proven track record.

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Mass Tort Law Firm

The Expert Los Angeles Mass Tort Law Firm

Specializing in personal injury cases we are the team of trial lawyers that you can trust to handle your case. We will go after the negligent party and the insurance company to ensure you receive reimbursement for your lost wages, physical therapy, medical costs, pain and suffering, due to someone else’s negligence. We know California law from top to bottom and are ready to go to trial for you!

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